1. Your Gateway to Middle Eastern Sound


We welcome you to the first episode of the TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Podcast, which discusses playing, performing and appreciating Arabic, Armenian, Assyrian, Balkan, Greek, Kurdish, Persian, Turkish music and more.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the TAQS.IM podcast with Andrew Kzirian and Aram Hovagimian of TAQS.IM, focusing on Middle-Eastern music
  • TAQS.IM is your gateway to Middle Eastern sound
  • Background and discussion of the TAQS.IM project and the meaning of the term musically and figuratively
  • Overview of the 3 main TAQS.IM elements of community, sounds and education
  • TAQS.IM’s free radio station featuring various artists and different styles of music
  • TAQS.IM’s blog posts which discuss various topics in Middle-Eastern music and the newsletter
  • TAQS.IM’s synth sounds and libraries
  • TAQS.IM music and rhythm app for iPad (iPhone coming soon with scale converter)
  • One man band discussion about Khatchig Jingirian
  • Sample libraries are already available
  • TAQS.IM is working on new recordings for sample libraries moving forward (i.e. the oud)
  • TAQS.IM offers instructional videos for oud lessons

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