2. The 7 Oud Players You Need to Listen to Now


We’re huge fans of the Oud – a fretless pear-shaped instrument that’s similar to a lute and known as “the grandfather of the guitar”. We love the dynamics and flexibility it affords players – not being restricted to frets can be liberating and offers so much in terms of tone and sound that you simply can’t get anywhere else! Especially when it’s in non-Middle Eastern contexts. We’ve compiled a list of 7 notable oud players you need to listen to if you’re just getting to know the instrument.

Topics Include:

  • Discussion of TAQS.IM’s blog entry for the “7 oud players you need to listen to” post
  • Purpose to raise awareness and promote education on these influential musicians
  • Philadelphia roots
  • George Mgrdichian – fusion and classical expertise
  • John Berberian – role as musician who was the son of immigrants
  • Yurdal Tokcan – prominent Turkish oud player and fretless guitar
  • Farid el Atrache – famous Arab oud player and actor/singer
  • Simon Shaheen – virtuosic Palestinian concert player
  • Ara Dinkjian – globally renown oud player and composer
  • Naseer Shamma – influential Kurdish oud player
  • The list is only of 7 oud players, there are so many others that could have been included
  • It’s a good approach to listen to as many different players as possible to appreciate all the different styles

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