3. John Berberbian: Oud Master


Andrew sits down and interviews Oud master John Berberian about his life, 50-year career in music, balancing work and the arts and performing throughout the country.

Topics Include:

  • Working with record labels making albums with Mainstream Records, Verve Forecast, RCA and MGM starting in the early 1960s
  • The thriving Middle Eastern music scene of Berberian’s early years, and the mixing and collaboration of different cultures
  • Berberian’s father’s role as an oud player in his musical development, and the initial design to start with the violin
  • Using western classical approaches to play Middle Eastern music
  • The comparison of Ravi Shankar and the Sitar to the industry effort to promote the oud
  • The landmark oud rock album
  • Berberian’s love of Arab music
  • Discussion of different types of oud playing
  • The symbiotic relationship of the oud and the guitar and making music with these instruments together
  • Advice to those learning the oud

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