Balkan Sax: Gypsy Loops & Scales

Balkan Sax: Gypsy Loops & Scales


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Balkan Sax: Gypsy Loops & Scales
taqsim Balkan Sax: Gypsy Loops & Scales


Balkan Sax Loops by Sal Mamudoski in tempos for Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, and all genres!


No one plays the Sax with as much attitude as in the Balkans! This sample pack gives you 35 exclusive loops by one of the top Balkan Sax session players in the world, Sal Mamudoski. Divided into tempos of 70BPM (Trap Music), 96 BPM (Hip-Hop), and 124BPM (Popular) these loops will give your productions a Balkan flair like no other. The performances are in a range of scales – western and gypsy middle eastern makam scales such as Minor, Major, Beyati, Hijaz, Huseyni, Huzzam, Kurdi, Nihavent, Rast and Ussak!

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About Sal Mamudoski

Sal Mamudoski, a self-taught Macedonian Roma musician was born in New York City in 1988. A precocious musically inclined youth, Mamudoski embarked on his journey at age 5 playing drums, and by age 11 began playing the clarinet and joined the Mark Twain middle school concert band. By the age of 12, Mamudoski was performing at local Macedonian Roma weddings entertaining audiences with his clarinet playing. Four years later Mamudoski found himself invited to perform at a wedding in Macedonia, where he caught the attention of virtuoso master saxophonist Yuri Yunakov. Mamudoski then earnestly began his musical studies as Yunakov’s protégé and regularly performed with him at concerts, festivals, and weddings all around the country as a member of The Yuri Yunakov Ensemble.

Over time, Mamudoski’s playing matured, and his interest in Turkish music continued to heighten. Even living in a multicultural melting pot such as New York City, finding a suitable teacher proved to be a daunting task. Mamudoski eventually encountered Caner Tokgozol and Tamer Pinarbasi at a Turkish wedding, and was awestruck by their effortless command and vibrant interpretation of the music he loved – “They blew my mind—they were so amazing; I couldnʼt believe my ears!”. These revered masters were impressed by Mamudoski’s playing and marveled at what he had achieved as he was born in NYC and was nearly entirely self-taught. Mamudoski then began to seriously study makam music and Turkish classical music with Caner and Tamer, and soon developed his own style of clarinet and saxophone playing. Based on his experiences, Mamudoski strives to incorporate various sounds from all over the world and blend them into a cornucopia of sonic brilliance and color.

Mamudoski has been teaching clarinet for several years in the New York City area, and has also been featured on many recordings, including for scores and soundtracks films. He continues busily pursuing his solo career and maintaining a demanding performance schedule, working with numerous well-known artists from the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, appearing on stages all around the world. Mamudoski’s first solo album, to be released later this summer, includes both original and traditional music, featuring an array of accomplished global musicians and his signature horn playing.

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    Vibe Fury

    Sick! This Balkan Sax playing is dope.

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