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We’re passionate about Middle Eastern Music. That’s why we’ve curated a number of resources – courses, forums, a TAQS.IM Facebook group and more to reach and educate as many new and existing Middle Eastern music fans as possible.


In Depth Lessons

Our Oud Introduction course includes high-quality video lessons for the aspiring Oud player or enthusiast. Ranging from an overview of the instrument, tuning, scales, and picking – the lessons pack a lot of content in a focused amount of time. Click here for free access to the first lesson: Oud Introduction & Overview!

We’re working on new courses for even more instruments in the future!


Intro to the World of Maqams

Middle Eastern Maqams are an integral part of the region’s music. We provide a basic introduction to some of these non-western scales such as Hijaz, Hüseyni, Rast, Sabâ, Kurdi, Nihavend and more!
Hijaz (Modern Arabic)

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