Is a used oud a goo...

Is a used oud a good option?  

Andrew Kzirian
Member Admin

Well, it kind of depends.


When it comes to used instruments, there's no question that one can find good value - it is possible. However, things can also turn out less than great sometimes if you're not careful.  When it comes to used ouds, I strongly recommend that you really know what you're doing and looking for in an instrument, as some can be extremely old, and there is often uncertainty about who made the oud, what condition it is in, which is further complicated by what can sometimes be exorbitant asking prices. On the other end, we have situations where very low quality instruments are sold at low prices - now these may seem appealing to you if you're on a lower budget - but in my experience the instruments are so typically of such inferior quality that the new player/student may become discouraged and unsatisfied with playing the instrument which can lead to giving up on trying to learn. There are different sites out there that have ouds for sale, and they are definitely worth checking out - but buying a used oud is a bit of a different ballgame, and we would recommend that generally more for advanced and knowledgeable players.

Posted : 17/02/2019 11:10 pm

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