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What to look for in buying a new oud  

Andrew Kzirian
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First things first, we want good value, and good quality.  Granted, this is not always easy to find, but with some heady research, persistence and thoroughness, chances are you will find what you need for a fair price.

Key factors to initially consider:

  • Do a good amount of research on line and through social media, and also ask around with other musicians (and take advantage of our growing community here at TAQS.IM :))
  • This is really important - listen closely to the sound of the oud, study it, absorb it and familiarize yourself with what you're hearing - if at all possible, try and physically play the oud - of course in the modern age that isn't always convenient or even practical (but it's worth noting :)). I've had some students who were comfortable just doing their own research on-line and were quite happy with what they purchased with ouds made far away overseas - while others only felt comfortable visiting the luthier and trying and feeling out his instruments - it's really personal preference.
  • A reputable maker - look for a website or sufficient social media presence to see and hear what it is you would be prospectively buying. Viken Najarian and Cengiz Sarkus come to mind as crafting quality instruments for relatively reasonable pricing which are more than suitable for beginner and even more advanced players.
  • Consider your own budget - for a newly constructed oud made by hand at a minimal professional level of quality, you will be looking in the range of 1400-2800 dollars. There are also used and lower quality ouds which are available at lesser prices (which will also be a separate post) - this all depends on each person's specific circumstances.


There are so many other factors, but the above is a good initial touch. We can dig deeper on this topic in future posts and forum discussions.

Feel free to comment and offer your own insights and perspectives!  Interested to see how others think about this as well 🙂



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