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World Synth v3 is Here!

We are super excited to announce TAQS.IM v3 has arrived! Details below… but first… let’s talk about an amazing number – which is 50,000. What does this 50,000 number mean exactly? 

On behalf of the TAQS.IM family, we want to thank all of you for your tremendous support since we launched this project less than 2 years ago.  TAQS.IM unveiled the World Piano App for iPhone back in early 2019 (and it’s had a bunch of other names over time), and the reception of this new app has been extraordinary and inspiring for us. The team has spent lots of time, effort and resources to make this the premier world music synth app in the mobile realm, and reaching the 50,000 download milestone is a testament to the app’s clean and user-friendly interface, sizable library of quality samples and soundpacks and overall superior attributes. The feedback we’ve received has been quite positive, and the app is being used for recording, creation, and even in real-time live performance settings – this app has over 1200 reviews as well with a 4.5 star rating!


And now, you can join these 50,000+ users all over the world through the use of our premium and community soundpacks. The app comes loaded with 8 free sounds and 8 free rhythms – and we are launching with 18 total sound packs and will be adding more on a routine basis to keep things fresh and energized for our growing community. This is in addition to all the already existing awesome world music rhythms, sounds, scales and easy-to-use effects and features the app offers. And don’t forget having the ability to save custom sounds, create lists of favorite sounds and take advantage of the crowd-pleasing drone feature! You can read more about how this all works right here.

As a token of our appreciation for your support in helping the app reach these awesome heights, TAQS.IM is announcing a contest/giveaway to celebrate reaching this milestone. Anyone who _________________ by ____________, will be eligible to receive a __________. You can find more details on this at ________________.

Here’s to getting to 100,000 downloads before the end of the year!


The TAQS.IM team

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