Oud Licks: Middle Eastern Loops & Scales

Oud Licks: Middle Eastern Loops & Scales

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Oud Licks: Middle Eastern Loops & Scales
taqsim Oud Licks: Middle Eastern Loops & Scales
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Oud phrases and loops performed by Andrew (Antranig) Kzirian, TheOudPlayer


The Oud – a fretless pear-shaped instrument that’s similar to a lute and known as “the grandfather of the guitar” is played throughout the Middle-East and world. Our TAQS.IM Oud Lick Sample Pack tries to capture the dynamics and microtonal subtlety provided by the instrument. Played by Andrew Kzirian – TheOudPlayer – With over 100 samples you can use either free-form performances or loops (100BPM) played in a multitude of western and middle eastern makam-based scales. These exclusive samples will give your productions a flavor like no other.

The scales included are: Major, Minor, Beyati, Hijaz, Husseyni, Huzzam, Kurdi, Nihavent, Rast & Saba

About Andrew (Antranig Kzirian)

Andrew (Antranig) Kzirian, TheOudPlayer, has toured the world and played at the biggest global music festivals, and is a highly sought-after session player in Los Angeles who has performed and recorded with System of a Down lead singer Serj Tankian, Capital Cities, Viza and countless artists across various genres spanning traditional folk, classical, rock and electronic music. Andrew has also studied intensively and performed with oud masters Ara Dinkjian, John Bilezikjian and John Berberian over the span of several years.


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    5 out of 5

    Mark Jeffrey

    The freeform phrases are great. It’s refreshing to hear some of these different scales, gives a great vibe.

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