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I’ve gone through the lessons several times which made me take a critical look at my Oud technique. That was worth the price of admission alone. The quality of the video is excellent and I feel like you’re talking directly to me!

TAQS.IM Online Course Student

At TAQS.IM, you get the opportunity to learn this ancient instrument through a supportive, engaging online course.

Whether you’re a professional Oud player looking to hone your techniques, or new to the instrument and hoping to learn the fundamentals – this is the perfect choice. Delve into your potential, sharpen your skills, and broaden your horizons in this fun, fast-paced learning experience.

The TAQS.IM Oud Course gives you 12 lessons and 6 scale video examples. The lessons are geared to provide beginner and intermediate players instruction on various playing techniques to improve oud playing and build a fundamental understanding of the instrument.

Each lesson contains accompanying notes and explanations of key concepts – included where relevant to provide context and further guidance. These introductory ideas lay the foundation for your development and can be honed and modified as you move forward into intermediate and eventually advanced-level work.

You get:

12 Lessons: packed with knowledge, demonstrations, practice assignments, and tools that get your playing to the next level

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. Strings & Tuning
  3. Basic Scales & Fingerings
  4. Minor Scales Introduction
  5. Major Scales Introduction
  6. Left Hand Techniques
  7. Finger Exercises
  8. Right Hand Muzrab Technique
  9. Picking Exercises to Develop Your Muzrab
  10. Chords
  11. Vibrato Technique
  12. Taqsim Definition

Scale Video Examples: so you can see first hand the dos and don’ts of Oud playing, from one of the world’s great contemporary masters

  1. Introduction to Taqsim & Makam
  2. Acem
  3. Ajam
  4. Hijaz
  5. Hüseyni
  6. Kurdi
  7. Nihavend
  8. Rast
  9. Sabâ
  10. Uşşak

Beginner & Intermediate Content: perfect for players new to the instrument or those looking to boost their skill level.

Turkish & Arabic Tuning: The course has been updated to include guidance on both Turkish & Arabic Tuning!

About Your Instructor: Andrew (Antranig) Kzirian, TheOudPlayer

A highly sought-after player in Los Angeles, Andrew has toured the world and been onstage at the biggest global music festivals. He has performed and recorded with System of a Down lead singer Serj Tankian, Capital Cities, Viza, and countless artists across various genres spanning traditional folk, classical, rock, and electronic music.

Andrew has studied intensively and performed with Oud masters Ara Kinkjian, John Bilezikjian, and John Berberian over the span of several years – and now he will share his experiences and knowledge gained with those who participate in this very special course.

Get Inspired. Challenged. Educated.

You will be taken step-by-step through high-quality video lessons recorded at LA’s Foreword Productions studio, where Andrew provides an overview of the instrument, how it’s played, tuning, scales, picking, techniques, and more. These lessons pack tons of content in a focused amount of time. This way, you get the most value and efficiency to learn what matters most.

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