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TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Radio has some of the best Arabic, Armenian, Balkan, Greek, Persian & Turkish Music around. Listen on the site or download our iOS or Google Android app to listen now!

Middle Eastern Music Lessons.

On Demand.

Whether you’re an experienced player, a seasoned pro or even if you’re just starting out, you’ll always know exactly what to work on thanks to our ever-growing premium lesson library. We’re kicking things off with the Oud – and are excited to share that we will be adding other instruments in the near future as well!

Exclusive Middle Eastern Sounds

Whether it’s rhythm loops, samples or patches finding quality Middle Eastern Sounds for your productions can be difficult. We’ve been hard at work making some of the best free and premium sounds around. Try out our free Kontakt Instrument, Dhol Loops or Native Instruments FM8 Balkan Leads patches.

We've Got Your Back

Connect with other middle eastern music lovers from around the globe. Grow together, support one another, give and receive advice. Or just reach out to us to see if we can point you in the right direction.

Up your Middle Eastern Music Game

TAQS.IM Premium.

Exclusive Lessons & Sounds

Expand your musical world by gaining access to exclusive Middle Eastern Music Lessons, Sounds, Info & Resources. We’ll be adding more and more exclusive content every month and have some exciting things in the works! Watch our videos below to get a walkthrough of our site and our Kontakt Pro instrument with over 2GB of sounds!

What's Included in TAQS.IM Premium

Oud Lessons

Our Lesson Library section includes high-quality video lessons for the aspiring Oud player or enthusiast. Ranging from an overview of the instrument, tuning, scales, and picking – the following lessons pack a lot of content in a focused amount of time.

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Strings & Tuning
  • Basic Scales & Fingerings
  • Minor Scales Introductions
  • Major Scales Introductions
  • Left Hand Techniques
  • Finger Exercises
  • Right Hand Muzrab Technique
  • Picking Exercises to Develop Your Muzrab

Exclusive Sounds

Finding quality Middle Eastern Sounds for your productions can be difficult. We’ve been hard at work curating and making some of the best around including the following:

  • TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro instrument
  • Dhol Loops from the Caucasus
  • FM8 Balkan Leads
  • VirtualCZ Balkan Sounds
  • Korg PA-Series Kavkaz Set


Our Scales section starts you down the path of exploring Modal Music and the World of Makam(s). Our goal is to break down these Middle Eastern scales for anyone to understand. Start your journey with the following scales:

  • Hijaz
  • Hüseyni
  • Kurd
  • Nihavend
  • Rast
  • Sabâ


Our Tracks section is a growing library of tracks you can jam along and practice with. We have 20-minute long percussion-only middle eastern rhythm tracks, along with the full and backing tracks from Andrew Kzirian’s nOud project.

Community Forum

Last, but definitely not least, is our growing Community Forum where you can engage with other TAQS.IM Premium members in discussion to answer questions and/or debate the finer points of Middle Eastern Music.

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