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Oud Lesson 1: Introduction & Overview

Lesson Notes

  • Introduction to TAQS.IM, with the types of offerings of TAQS.IM
  • Instructional videos will be a primary component of TAQS.IM‘s premium content, along with all the other offerings
  • This video provides a general introduction to the instrument, its history and regional dynamics of the oud
  • Diversity of the oud culturally (Arabs, Turks, Greeks, Israelis, Armenians, etc. and used all over the world in all styles of music)
  • Physical components of the oud (pegbox, fingerboard/neck, face made out of unfinished spruce for resonance, hardwoods on the back)
  • Note that the fingerboard is typically constructed from ebony, or a similar hardwood that will allow for notes to be “sounded” strongly and to project pitch well
  • This is a good initial set up to become more familiar with the oud, and to segue into the next lesson which discusses strings and tuning
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