5 Guitar Gods from the Middle East

Fretless Middle Eastern Guitar, coupled with Fuzz-induced Electric Lead Guitar? Yes please.
Whether it be acoustic, electric or even fretless Middle Eastern Musicians have been incorporating the use of guitar in their music in unique ways. Here are 5 of the best!
1. Omar Khorshid (October 9, 1945 – May 29, 1981)
Omar Khorshid was a well-known Egyptian musician and composer whose unique style of incorporating eastern and western sounds was considered revolutionary in the Middle East during the 1960’s – 1970’s […]

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5 Middle Eastern Music Groups To Check Out

Still love listening to bands, groups and ensembles? Check these 5 Middle Eastern Music Groups out!
With the changing taste in music, advancements in technology and the rise of the “solo artist” unfortunately there are less bands, groups or ensembles to enjoy. As much as we acknowledge (and kind of don’t like) this trend we are pleased to share this list of 5 Middle Eastern Music groups that are still keeping the dream alive!
1. NY Gypsy All Stars
The NY Gypsy All […]

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7 Oud Players You Need to Listen to Now

Want to learn more about the Oud? We’ve pulled together a list of 7 premier Oud Players who each provided a major impact and influence in the development of the instrument.
Here at TAQS.IM, we’re huge fans of the Oud – a fretless pear-shaped instrument that’s similar to a lute and known as “the grandfather of the guitar”.  We love the dynamics and flexibility it affords players – not being restricted to frets can be liberating and offers so much […]

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Welcome Middle Eastern Music Fans

Middle Eastern Music Fan? Interested in learning more about playing Middle Eastern Music?
You’ve come to the right place.
TAQS.IM is an online community for you to experience, learn and take part in playing Middle Eastern Music. Here’s some of the free and premium content we’re developing to support you in your journey.
Listen to Middle Eastern Music whenever and wherever.

The best part of Middle Eastern Music is actually listening to it. That’s why we started our TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Radio […]

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