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OudforGuitarists.com Demos World Synth App

TAQS.IM is excited to present a new demo of our iOS World Synth app by Navid Goldrick from OudforGuitarists.com where he plays different Oud melodies and improvisations on top of some of the rhythms and drones available in the app.

Goldrick is a Persian oud musician who built expertise of Arab oud playing over many years, and his demonstrations are an excellent presentation of skillful oud playing and practice usage showcasing the Synth App’s unique versatility.

“We are excited to partner with Navid in helping bring middle eastern music to an even wider audience – these kinds of collaborations are a big part of TAQS.IM’s mission” said TAQS.IM co-founder and oud player Andrew Kzirian. “Combining Navid’s tasteful oud playing and understanding of modal music with the technological and intuitive offering of our mobile synth app is a great synergy,” he added.

Goldrick’s website OudforGuitarists.com helps people find their dream Oud and start their journey learning this ancient and fascinating musical instrument. Navid’s YouTube channel – with over 17,000 subscribers – attempts to de-mystify middle eastern music through the lens of Persian and Arabic music. When users sign up to the OudforGuitarists newsletter, they will be sent a free email course that teaches them how to play the Oud – sign up here: https://oudforguitarists.com/freecourse

“Oud students always come up against a few problems while learning Oud. The first is the need to understand and play along with middle eastern rhythms. The second is to have easy access to the sound of middle eastern maqams,” said Goldrick.

The Synth App contains a wide variety of different Middle Eastern and World music rhythms and samples, which is perfectly tailored to educational and practice purposes for students.

“The ability to choose a rhythm, a tempo and play along with it is a HUGE learning tool for anyone studying middle eastern music. Not to mention the ability to choose a scale with a specific intonation so you can more easily hear each microtonal note. The TAQS.IM World Synth App does all this and so much more. It will be the first app I recommend to all my students who want to have fun while mastering this music,” remarked Goldrick.

User-friendly features include tempo control, modal selections and related pitch control, and the ability to play various drones as a background tone.

“It’s my hope that the videos we make together will help people get the most out of this app for fun and learning,” Goldrick added.

The Synth App recently surpassed 100,000 downloads and is highly rated by users all over the world. With a multitude of sound packs, drones, rhythms, and useful and intuitive features, the Synth App is quickly becoming the standard in the exciting world of middle eastern and world music mobile apps.

Be sure to check out this compelling collaboration!

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