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Welcome to the world of “Chillhop beats to relax/study to” – a recent YouTube phenomenon where infinitely looped animation clips are coupled with “chill beats” for hours on end. The goal of these clips is to provide a grainy, loop-based musical landscape for people to listen to while working, studying or just relaxing.  Here’s an example of one of the more popular YouTube channels that are a purveyor of the style.

We thought this approach would work well with a Middle Eastern vibe, so we set out to create one. We curated some amazing music from the likes of Night Ark, Ara Dinkjian and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Nothing against “chillhop”, but in our opinion, this music evokes so much more emotion and sonically transports you to a place that chillhop doesn’t. For the animation, we partnered with Brooklyn based Alex Krokus to draw a relaxing yet whimsical animation with a Middle Eastern vibe. Here’s the finished product!

If you enjoyed the music, please directly support the artists by purchasing their music on iTunes, Amazon, or following them and listening to their music on Spotify:

Ara Dinkjian Quartet – Finding Songs
→ iTunes: https://taqs.im/iafs
→ Amazon: https://taqs.im/aafs
→ Spotify: https://taqs.im/safs

Ara Dinkjian – An Armenian in America
→ iTunes: https://taqs.im/iaia
→ Amazon: https://taqs.im/aaia
→ Spotify: https://taqs.im/saia

Ara Dinkjian – Peace on Earth
→ iTunes: https://taqs.im/iape
→ Amazon: https://taqs.im/aape
→ Spotify: https://taqs.im/sape

Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Brian Keane – Mystical Gardens
→ iTunes: https://taqs.im/iobm
→ Amazon: https://taqs.im/aobm
→ Spotify: https://taqs.im/sobm

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