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TAQS.IM Synth brings Middle Eastern Sounds, Scales and Rhythms to your iOS Device

TAQS.IM, Your Gateway to Middle Eastern Sound, launched a new version of its iOS TAQS.IM Synth that allows you to play Middle Eastern sounds, scales, and rhythms from your iPhone or iPad.

The app, utilizing the AudioKit framework (audiokit.io), features a multitude of instruments used in both traditional and modern contexts for Arabic, Armenian, Balkan, Greek, Oriental, Persian, Turkish and World Music including wind, string (both bowed and plucked) and synthesizer instrument sounds. It also offers various Middle Eastern rhythms with various time signatures.

A middle eastern-style scale converter is provided, allowing the player to select quarter tones and microtones in real-time. This allows the player to explore scale and makam based music and play microtonal scales such as Beyati, Hijaz, Hüseyni, Rast, Sabâ and more. Additionally, the player can input in custom scales – calibrating each note by +64 and -64 cents, unshackling them from the equal temperament system.

Over 25 sounds are included such as oud, duduk, saz, baglama, tar along with favorite middle eastern lead synthesizers such as the Casio CZ-101, Oberheim OB-8 and Roland SH-2000. The rhythm player includes some of the more popular rhythms of the middle east such as Ayoub, Baladi, Ciftitelli, and Halay. Odd time-signature rhythms are also available such as 7/8, 9/8 and 10/8 rhythms.

“Whether you’re looking to learn how to play in different rhythms, use new sounds for your next production or live performance or draw inspiration, the iOS TAQS.IM synth allows any musician access to the sounds and rhythms from the Middle East,” said TAQS.IM co-founder Aram Hovagimian.

“With this app you can explore much of the microtonal nuance that instruments such as an oud or violin can execute, which is fascinating to be able to do from an app,” stated TAQS.IM co-founder Andrew Kzirian. “Once you have your instrument and mode selected, just throw on a drum beat loop of your choosing and you can start making music instantly.”

The TAQS.IM synth app is available for purchase in the iTunes store for $9.99. Updates and enhancements for the TAQS.IM synth app will be regularly offered in the coming months, including preset settings for certain modal scales (i.e. makam music), more sounds and an enhanced rhythm capability.

The brainchild of musicians Andrew Kzirian and Aram Hovagimian, TAQS.IM provides sounds, educational content and an online community for those interested in Middle Eastern Music. Visit https://taqs.im to check out all of the offerings including our Middle Eastern Music Podcast, 24×7 Radio Station, Instructional Oud Videos, Kontakt library and more.

Keep an eye out for TAQS.IM on Facebook (facebook.com/taqs.im and TAQS.IM Middle Eastern Music Group), Instagram (@taqs.im), YouTube (TAQS.IM) and Twitter (@taqsimmusic).

Details on further TAQS.IM videos, sounds, projects and other great offerings will be announced in the coming months.

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